WTCO is a company that acts as a partner, well beyond pure consultancy, alongside his customers to support them in their production processes, strategic decisions, organizational and management issues and help them concretely in the path toward continuous improvement.

Operational Excellence

Being competitive and creating value at all levels means optimizing processes by reducing waste, but above all it means being sustainable, thinking of solutions that respect environment and people.
The Operational Excellence (OPEX) is a management system aiming at the efficiency of the Organization, adjusted according to operational standards that are constantly being revised thanks to instruments that trigger the process of continuous improvement.

Unlike other lean production management methodologies, the primary operational excellence focus is on human resources and their involvement: key point to guarantee a continuous improvement process.

The involvement of the human resources is gradual and guided through a training program established at the beginning of the path of improvement through an analysis of soft and hard skills; this initial assessment allows you to bring out the potentials and capacities of people that otherwise would remain hidden in other traditional Lean systems.

Applying OPEX means allow the creation of a common language within the company in order to improve coordination between departments and internal functions. This speeds up the communication, transfers know-how and makes efficient an improvement process.

It is not enough to apply Lean Tools with an engineering approach: consideration should be given to human resources at disposal and to their values, recognizing limits and potentialities.

Only when this condition is met, it is possibile to start planning a path of continuous improvement.

The capacity of a consultant must be to understand what tools are required to be applied in a particular company and with what degree of depth.

The operational excellence replica standard in terms of organization thanks to series of tools (enablers) that guarantee, once shared the vision, to achieve goals that are always easily measurable and with comparable benchmarks.

The OPEX, being applied with extreme effectiveness by many of the most complex and most efficient companies in the world (BMW, Microsoft, Apple, GSK, HP, Sony, General Electric, Rolls-Royce, etc. ), also ensures ease of external audit by a potential customer due to a international assessment standard and a specific application check list for each instrument.