Lean Organization

WTCO is a company that acts as a partner, well beyond pure consultancy, alongside his customers to support them in their production processes, strategic decisions, organizational issues and management and help them concretely in the path toward continuous improvement.

What We Do

We work on key concepts designed by Toyota Motor Company in terms of management, war to the waste and searching of continuous improvement for achieving perfection. Thanks to continuous learning and experiential baggage of our team, the philosophy of "lean thinking", born from automotive and today operates in all areas, becomes a strategic business approach and can identify the inefficiencies, delete them and improve your business performance.
Our Mission

The WTCO Group aims at sharing our expertise in the field of innovation and continuous improvement as we work alongside our clients with advisory support and training on the field. We develop and maintain concrete, pragmatic and efficient projects that are able to ensure and maintain increased competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Case History


Mechanics in Italy is an important area where specialization is well known; in the year 2000 inside of the company where the project was launched, was the necessity to recover property margins in line with expectations.
From the first moment on this project, which I would consider only, parties by selecting the team of people dedicated to improving, consider that at an early stage the1% of the workforce was dedicated to the project, not full-time.
The project is developed through weeks of improvement with cross-cutting team of people to work, at least for 1 month, and in the process of continuous improvement were used almost all the tools dedicated to continuous improvement.
Numbers: Before and After

Annual turnover of 2000: 2,5 ml
Turnover 2008 22,5 ml Euro

Ebitda: from 5% to 35%
Dipendenti: from 28 to 140 
Incidence 0.2% of waste
Job rotation: 50% 
Cost impact from 28% to 18%  
Reduction of the average market price of the products: -60%
Created TEAM focused on improving

The case describes a week of improvement developed into a hospital where the occurrence of a specific problem we responded by developing a week Kaizen.
The specific Department deals with people with mental health problems, and the objective of the Department is to welcome these people, look for the causes of the problems encountered, start a process of care with resulting assignment to a training facility.
The problem was the fact that every year the operating cost of the sick from the restoration to the assignment at the nursing home had a cost of euro 4 ml. Through teamwork with Psychiatrists, social workers, Relatives of patients, administrative staff and our support in the 5 days we were able to have a saving of 1 ml euro.
Numbers: Before and After

Costs from 4 ml to 1ml

- Training on the concepts of continuous improvement
- Creating a team focused towards the goal
- Workflow Mapping
- Involvement and development of improvement ideas
- Immediate application and development of ideas into action

The case describes the path of efficiency recovery developed into a die casting foundry where the main issue focused on an average 49% OEE.
Our intervention in order to engage and do touch to the property and employees that if applied properly can generate important results focused on a specific machine (more problematic).
The intervention

- Schedule management
- Identification and reduction of the causes of downtime
- Reduced setup time
- Staff involvement and training on the job
This approach has generated in the span of 3 months an increase in value of OEE up to 69%

The case relates to a company that, despite major profits, he felt the need to undertake a path of change and continuous improvement in order to have greater flexibility and availability to our customers and to potential new markets.
Numbers: Before and Afer

Initial situation year 2011
Job Rotation: 20%
Machine setup time: 4 hours

​Post project year 2014
Job Rotation: 45%
Machine setup time: 1,5 hours